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Did you know that Jesus told us of things to look out for as signs
that will warn us when He is very soon to return?

Here is some information that indicates

Jesus is returning soon.

Judge for yourself today.

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A picture for you!

Comparison of different faiths.


The teachings of Jesus with the teachings of Muhammad

How could anyone be expected to believe in


an incomprehensible characteristic of the Great and Awesome One True God.

"God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets.."

Prophets of God.

Judge for yourself whether prophets are true or false!

Is Jesus Christ the Son of Man or the Son of God?

Jesus Christ?

Make sure the Jesus Christ you know about is the One revealed in the Holy Bible.

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A simple check-up to enable you to be sure that your priest or religious leader has all of the essential qualities God specified.

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Should ABORTION be an answer?

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Food for thought

Unwrap a glorious treasure!
"John 3:16."

Delve into something of the riches of God's amazing grace as we seek to unwrap some of the great blessings of the Gospel of God.

Discover for yourself what Christian Baptism is all about.

A self-assessment for those interested in Christian Baptism.
Print off this page and search the Holy Bible for the answers God would have you find.
God's Word is truth. Make sure you agree with what is written in the Holy Bible!

Baptism Questionaire.

Peter said, "Repent and be baptised"


What are YOU doing about it?

Reaching children.

Jesus says, "Bring the child to Me"

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Same Sex Marriage.
An open letter on Marriage and the homosexual.

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offering you a wonderful invitation.

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A song for the children!

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What Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, would say
if she could come to Ireland.

Have YOU been set free from being "held in slavery by fear of death"?

Hebrews 2:14-15.

Discover the


that Jesus can give to you now and in the hour of your death!